• ESL – Electronic Shelf Labels
  • Retail Analytics (wireless analytics; video analytics; CCTV) & Digital Marketing (audience analytics) stand-alone/integrated solutions

Customers are now demanding rich shopping experiences that are personalized, hyper-connected, and engaging. Additionally, several forces are revolutionizing the landscape: the explosion of data and connected devices, software defined infrastructure, cloud enabled as-a-service and experience, and outcome-driven digital platforms. This makes it imperative for retailers to showcase agility in tech adoption and business process optimization.

Our collaborative model helps carve a successful path to enterprise modernization.

Electronic shelf labels with automatic price update

Our solution helps you streamline operational flows in order to increase the efficiency of your business and maintain your competitive position on the market. The solution allows you to update shelf prices and implement promotions in no time and with zero manual labor.

Key benefits:
  • Accurate prices: Synchronize prices across multiple locations and make sure your customers get the same shelf price also at checkout.
  • Integrated solution: We have a smart solution – an end-to-end product that includes hardware equipment, software solution and support and maintenance services.
  • Workforce cost optimization: Smart labels will result in lower labor costs since employees no longer have to update prices manually.

Retail Analytics & Digital Marketing

For traditionals retailers knowing your shopper behavior is a critical information for the marketing strategy. Off cours more and more customers are aware about the digitalizations and they use information technologies to take the right decision when they shop. So WiFi and Video analytics is today present and almost every big Mall or Hipermarket offering easy access to information but also creating a bond between loyal cutoerms and retailer.

  • As wifi has a partial covering in daily usage, video analytics is complementary technology and make the data to become relevant for retailers.
  • Also the WiFi analitycs provide an intimate relations beeten them and the retailer thrue mobile applications mainly.
  • Mindspeed is providing WiFi and Video analytics since 2012 and we experience multiple and complex solutions.
  • We are partners of Retail Next known as 1st Retail Analytincs company in the World.

Key Benefits

  • The most comprehensive in-store analytics provider;
  • Single-point platform;
  • Cross departmental use and benefits;
  • Fastest growing installed base;
  • Demonstrated positive ROI;
  • Engineered specifically for retail and your unique needs;
  • Hardware independent;
  • Future-proofed solution with robust product roadmap;
  • Widely recognized by retailers, press, and analysts as the best solution in the category.