• Digital Signage Solution
  • Room Booking Solution
  • The Meeting Owl

We have an amazing portfolio with many digital solutions for every industry, especially for offices or commercial areas. Today every company is looking for optimization processes and digitalization, in order to reduce paperwork and become more efficient.

Digital Signage Solution

A cloud-based  digital signage software makes broadcasting content across screens easier than ever before. Our solution allows managing any digital signage content with a few clicks. Creating playlists and scheduling them is easy for multiple locations and collaborators. No specific skills needed. In this respect Mindspeed provides various display brands from in the professional area: Samsung, Philips, LG, etc.

Also a set of multiple interactive displays for indoor and outdoor, helping companies to communicate internally and with their customers.

Key Benefits:

  • Accurately target marketing spend to the point of purchase;
  • Efficiently deploy messages to global or local networked screens;
  • Custom build aesthetically pleasing solutions on all types of devices such as plasmas, LCDs, kiosks, and billboards;
  • Efficiently use all forms of content and interchange content to suit the demographic, the timetable and the needs of the user;
  • Provide staff with an easy to use but secure application that provides audit trails and administration support;
  • Provides the operator with an inexpensive solution with low deployment costs and low support costs;
  • Use Digital Signage as a revenue-generating stream for advertising and point of purchase incentives;
  • Improve your corporate communications;
  • Educate and train at the click of a button;
  • Direct customers to the correct conference room or stadium entry;
  • Provide public announcements or emergency calls.

Room Booking Solution

Mindspeed Communications is an official partner of  Pronestor Conference & Meeting Room Scheduling Software. Pronestor is recognized as one of the world’s premier developers and providers of meeting management software for room booking, catering services, display solutions, and visitor management. We are doing this by evolving our suite of products, offering excellent service and forging relationships with our distribution network.

Key Benefits:

  • One booking platform for companies in shared office premises;
  • Meeting room booking system handling scheduling on different locations and time zones – one booking flow;
  • Schedule meetings from any device;
  • Search by criteria then, see information and get an overview;
  • Greet your visitors with Pronestor Visitor Management System;
  • A complete overview of visitors – integrated into your calendar system;
  • Automated self-registration with QR code – Visitor Boarding Card;
  • Begin your meeting with Conference Room Scheduling Display;
  • Say goodbye to no-shows with an on-screen confirmation;
  • Minimize disruption and cut delays with on-screen error reporting.

It’s easy to plan your meeting with Pronestor’s Room Booking!

The Meeting Owl

The Meeting Owl  is the first 360° smart video conferencing camera. This video conferencing camera dynamically captures 360° video and superior audio for a near face-to-face experience engineered for plug & play simplicity.

Automatically shifts the camera to focus on whoever is speaking. The result is an experience that nearly feels like sitting in the room with the team.

Key Benefits:

  • Easy connect to any app;
  • You can see everyone in the room;
  • Cost-effective option to make any room immersive;
  • Best for huddle rooms and smaller spaces;
  • The main image moves depending on the speaker;
  • Meeting Owl – bringing teams together;
  • Better connect your team to your remote workers, satellite offices, and distant colleagues;
  • Simplest setup;
  • Loved by thousands of customers;
  • Works with all popular video conferencing software.