Telematics & Automatics – Manufacturing Process Optimisation Solution

M2M SolutionOriented towards specific vertical industries, like manufacturing, oil & petroleum, electricity, retail and automotive, Telematics & M2M completes the solution portfolio of Mindspeed Communications with an End to End proposition.

The approach is a very versatile one, having in mind tailored/bespoke products and solutions, customised to fit all our customer needs.

The solution covers all relevant components : ANDON – Traceability – Quality Assurance – WMS – Live Stock Inventory – Real Time Analytics & Statistics, available on Mobile Devices for Mobility purposes.

Leveraging our project expertise, we deliver end to end solutions, involving SCADA management platforms, ZigBee wireless technology for data communications, LabView virtual instrumentation, as well as software development for embedded devices ( firmware ).

Throughout our strategic partnership with InnoDEV & PointLogistiX, we provide a complete range of services, from design to manufacturing, as well as implementation services, concluding with knowledge transfer.

For details regarding the current Automatics for Manufacturing solution , please visit the following information links : 

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