Focusing towards delivering an end to end solution portfolio, Mindspeed Communications has engaged in strategic partnerships in order to achive that goal. The partners are consolidating the value added proposition, throughout cooperation, as part of the core values of Mindspeed Communications. The business model is oriented towards promoting not companies, but bespoke solutions, so that all our customer needs are being addressed in an accurate and transparent manner.

We are honoured to present our strategic partnerships, as follows :


With more than 15 years of experiene in passive network infrastructure design and implementation, having it’s major expertise in nation wide distribution of telecom components, INTEGRA Trading is the partner with the biggest longevity in the relationship with 3M Romania.

team telecom

Acting as a distributor, Team Telecom provides relevant knowledge in the field of TDM/IP Telephony as an Alcatel Lucent partner, Optical Distribution Netroks networks, being a CORNING partner, as well as in providing complete solutions for data centre infrastructure using 3M Telecom components and CANOVATE.


Complementing our solution with it’s relevant and comprehensive expertise in training, certified as a CISCO Learning Partner, BittNet Systems provides the technology edge that we need in order to complete the Establish – Operate – Transfer cycle that Mindspeed Communications intends to deliver towards its customers.

RetailNEXTRetailNext is the market leader in Big Data solutions for brick-and-mortar challenges. Our patented technology delivers comprehensive, real-time analytics that empowers worldwide retailers, shopping centers, and manufacturers to collect, analyze, and visualize in-store data.


Having its expertise in retail, manufacturing as well as distribution/logistic, PojntLogistiX completes the industry specifc portfolio with the self developed Warehouse Management system, as well as with customised development of software application.

Barcode labels and printers, RFID, mobile wireless handheld devices ae all part of the complete WMS solution offering.For an insight overview of CrossPoint WMS platform, please visit the following information link : CrossPoint WMS Solution.


Anticipating the evolution of M2M, coordinated withe the ongoing implementation of IPv6 migration, InnoDEV provides Mindspeed Communication with the ability to adress a niche market, that of tailored automatisation solutions, by means of autonomous embedded devices.

Using dedicated selected components, unified in functionality by LinuX or Microsoft core OS, having implemented dedicated industrial grade communication solutions, like ZigBee, we are addressing an extensive M2M solution proposition.

betamontAs a promoter of ITS solutions in Romania, member of ITS Romania, Mindspeed Communications has initiated a partnership with Betamont, as a pioneer in research and development for customised solution, with expertise in both highway/roads and railway implementations.

Currently owning an experience of over 25 projects internationally, Betamont provides a complete hardware/software/integration proposition for complex ITS deployments.