BigData Analytics Professional Services & M2M

As a proactive initiative in the latest ICT trends, Mindspeed Communicatons is promoting, starting with 2013, Big Data Analytics services.
At the moment, we are focusing upon a customised solution, using Amazon Web Services, Hadoop, MapReduce and HDFS, as well as ElasticSearch.

The solution is based upon the Software as a Service ( SaaS ) delivery model, using the cloud based infrastructure, reusing the existing expertise in consulting services and managed services.

At the moment, as a target, we are focusing on the following industry segments : Social Media and Retail Analytics, but not limited to, providing specialty services like : Hosted ElasticSearch.

For details regarding the currert BigData Analytics solution, please visit the following information link : EmergiNet Value Proposition








Anticipating the explosion of M2M solutions, following the ongoing implementation of IPv6 functionality, we have initiated a strategic partnership with InnoDev, with the goal of designing and developing bespoke automatisation solutions, based on embedded devices, using both LinuX and Microsoft operating platforms, as well as specific technologies, like ZigBee wireless, for low power nodes/autonomous equipment.

For more details regarding the current M2M portfolio, as well as strategic partnerships, please visit the following information link : M2M Portfolio