“Off the Shelf”

As part of our end to end portfolio, the “Off the Shelf” solutions are providing an necessary overlay for specific industries, like manufacturing, logistics, retail and banking.

All solutions are supporting Full IP integration, providing both a cost effective integration, as well as a scalable solution for future growth needs, with minimum OpEx investment.

As example, Gallagher and IndigoVision have an official IOT ( interoperability test ) providing smooth integration between the solutions.

Most of the solutions are Cloud & Private Cloud based, insuring competitive scalability as future proof investment.


RetailNEXTRetailNext is the market leader in Big Data solutions for brick-and-mortar challenges. Our patented technology delivers comprehensive, real-time analytics that empowers worldwide retailers, shopping centers, and manufacturers to collect, analyze, and visualize in-store data



IndigoVision provides not just a comprehensive solution for video surveillance, but also powerful management software platform for video analytics, as well as an integrated control centre/internet streaming centre.

Being full IP based, it can integrate other video cameras as well, based upon the ONVIF standard conformance, it can scale with ease of use over WAN networks, providing a high availability scenario, with no point of failure.



Gallagher, New Zeeland, deliveres a mature, innovatice, full IP based solution for Perimetral, Risk Management and Compliance security.
Their massive expertise in the field, as well as the unique functionalities, made us chose them as our sole vendor in this segment.

With industry coverage ranging from critical infrastructure, airports, finance centres, education, universities, enterprise and other sectors, provided us with the confidence that they best suited for high grade security solutions.



Ryarc is an innovative company, providing not just another Digital Signage solution, but a highly customisable application platform, for both distributed video campaigns, audio management, corporate screensavers and in-store radio, point of decission marketing applications.
Agnostic of the media, running over GPRS, 3G, Sat, LAN or WAN, it allows you to schedule images, web content, RSS, video, HD Video, Flash, Silverlight, Terrestrial, Satellite or cable TV to any CM device anywhere in the world.


point logistixPoint Logistix is a developer and integrator of software solutions for warehouse management (WMS). Our team specializes in optimizing procedures within a warehouse and designing of software applications that covers all related fields. We offer customized solutions for our clients, from warehouse management to planning equipment and traceability.