Mindspeed Communications, positioning itself as a Solution Integrator in the ICT field, is engaged in delivering bespoke solutions towards specific industry sectors, like Telecom,, Enterprise, Manufacturing, Retail, Energy, Oil/Petroleum.
The professional expertise consists in not only delivering tailored active & passive communication networks, but furthermore enhancing the value added proposition, by means of technology synergies, having in mind the optimization of ROI and TCO for our customers.

Keeping in mind the constant adherece to new technological trends, we were the first promoters of Cloud Based Managed WiFI platforms, oriented towards Enterprise Managed Services scenario, in partnership with Meraki Networks, starting 2011.

Also, having a strategic partnership with InnoDEV & Point Logistix, we are providing Automatics Solutions for Manufacturing , as an end to end cycle, including design and developemnt of equipments for our customers.
Those solutions are addressing the embedded components industry, using LinuX based kernels and special technologies, like ZigBee wireless.

As value added service to the Automatic for manufacturing Solution, covering the operational aspect of the industry, we are providing Real Time Group Communication services, using 2G / 3G/ LTE, or Wi-Fi infrastructure as Push To Talk, partnering with Genaker. The Go-To-Market is avery fast one provided by the OTT / Cloud based implementation model, as well as the ease of use in IOS, Android, Symbian, Windows Mobile/CE operating systems.

Moreover we are strongly promoting ITS ( Intelligent Traffic Systems ), in cooperation with ITS Romania, as a member starting 2012, correlated with the latest develpments in Europe, throughout the ERTICO programm.
In this respect we have an strategic partnership with an innovative research & development company from Slovakia, Betamont.

Least but not last, taking a bright look into the future, we have started a new initiative for delivering innovative BigData Analytics solutions, using Amazon Web services – Hadoop, delivered by means of Software as a Service ( SaaS ) approach.

A collateral segment is dedicated towards the “Off the Shelf” solutions, covering Security, Video Surveillance and Analytics, as well as Digital Signage for point of decission marketing. For details regarding those specific solutions, please visit the following information link : “Off the Shelf Solutions”.


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