Retail & Presence Analytics using CCTV & Wi-Fi infrastructure

RetailNEXTAs Mindspeed Communications has initiated promoting synergistic technology solutions, we are the pioneers of Retail/Presence Analytics promotion in Romania, starting 2013.

Starting 2014, we are proudly to present our strategic partnership with one the leaders in the Analytics field, RetailNEXT, converging both Real Time CCTV feeds and Wi-Fi.

Moreover, both solution are working as multi vendor, using IP CCTV cameras, as well as  the Wi-Fi solution integrates the mainstream vendors like Cisco, Aruba, Motorola and Meraki networks.

In this respect, free of charge trial projects are available in Romania, for 15 days.For a complete insight upon the RetailNEXT solution, please access the following information links : Retail Revealed & RetailNEXT Solution

Also, for an end to end insight into the solution components and aplicability of RetailNEXT solution, please register for the recorded webinar series here : RetailNEXT Webinar Series